Welcome To Alaska Herbal Analysis!  After years of preparation we are sorry to say that we do not believe the cannabis market in Alaska in general, and in The Valley specifically, has developed enough to support our lab at this time.  Our local and state governments have done everything they can to delay and obstruct this industry, and it has had a demonstrable negative impact on industry growth.  Here we are three years after legalization, and it is still nearly impossible to buy cannabis flowers at a legal retail store. My market and the industry in this state has convinced me it will be another year or more yet before the legal market will be adequate to supply demand.  

This in no way means we are giving up!  We are re-affirming our commitment to developing product quality control testing for boreal herbs, and we will be preparing for the day when the legal cannabis market has developed enough to support multiple laboratories.  We can still be reached using our established contact info 

Nicholas Braman (Operations Manager) 907-795-8001